WiActs, The company behind NoPassword

Our Mission is to deliver modern identity to simplify and secure your customers’ and workforce access.


We understand that IDENTITY is an evolving concept in the age of the digital world. As individuals and organizations become more reliant on various digital devices and online resources, there are new security and privacy challenges that must be addressed before they become significant threats. Staying ahead of new challenges and preventing cyber attacks is the cornerstone of our vision.
At WiActs, we believe everyone should be able to easily secure their access and protect their information. We envision a future free of cyber attacks and the resulting damages to individuals, organizations and industries. While security is the core of our solution, we do not believe privacy or convenience should be compromised. Redefining cyber-security measures and disrupting the industry status quo is the first step in bringing security, privacy, and convenience at the forefront of Identity and Access Management.


WiActs aims to create the opportunity for all to benefit from it simple and secure solutions. We are here to empower institutions, organizations, and businesses to modernize and simplify their user access. Our success relies on our customers’ success in securing their user and workforce access, enhancing their privacy, and simplifying the Authentication and Authorization process. Our customers’ trust is our most valued asset and we do everything in our power to protect their security and privacy. We think outside the box and sprint the extra mile to develop advanced technologies that work for all users, keep abreast of new emerging technologies, and stay ahead of new cyber threats. Our goal is to become the world’s most trusted and admired Identity and Access Management provider by delivering confidence, privacy, and security to customers and their stakeholders.


WiActs was founded by innovative entrepreneurs in the cyber security industry who were frustrated with passwords and the available identity solutions in the market. Today, the WiActs team embraces an exceptionally talented team of scientists, engineers, and industry veteran with years of experience in developing and delivering cyber security and artificial intelligence products.