Password Pain

Don’t let failing authentication methods prevent your workforce and your customers from accessing their accounts and applications.

Customers Struggle With Passwords

With the proliferation of mobile and online applications, the average user has over 150 unique applications and corresponding passwords.  It is difficult for users to remember and to manage all their passwords. This often results in forgotten passwords, account log outs, and lengthy password reset processes.

Where instant and secure access is desired, pain and struggle is often delivered. The significant investments you made to create a compelling and delightful application experience is gated by an authentication process that frustrates users with complexity and cognitive burden.


Workforce Struggle with Passwords

A company’s workforce, including full-time staff, remote employees, and contractors, access dozens of applications, systems, VPNs, and workstations daily, if not hourly. IT and security professionals now recognize that password complexity and rotation policies are not only inconvenient but more importantly insecure for their workforce.

These policies cause workforce to either turn to unsafe practices (e.g. using sticky notes) or to forget their passwords, which ultimately create stress, reduce productivity, and increase IT costs.

Learn to Prevent

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