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WiActs, the company behind NoPassword solution, is a venture-backed startup based in Silicon Valley, CA. The company was founded in 2014 and launched its NoPassword solution at the end of 2015. WiActs was founded by two friends, Yaser Masoudnia (PhD) and Bam Azizi (PhD). Frustrated with security challenges and inconvenience of passwords, they decided to create a secure, yet convenient and private solution. As the company grew, other talented engineers, scientists, and business gurus in the cyber security space joined the team as well. The technology is developed by in-house engineers and scientists from MIT, Technical Technische Universität München, Johns Hopkins University, Cranfield University and George Mason University.

NoPassword Solution

NoPassword is the next generation of identity and access management that replaces passwords with biometrics and other frictionless multi-factor authentication. NoPassword identity management includes strong authentication, passwordless single sign-on, and intelligent identity governance and management. NoPassword solution allows companies to securely and conveniently manage numerous users’ access to all SaaS apps, Web Apps, on-prem, VPN and MDM accounts from all devices. Since its launch in 2015, NoPassword has been well-received and used by customers in various industries such as financial, education, insurance, healthcare, tech, manufacturing and retail across the globe.

What Makes NoPassword Unique?

According to the 2015 Verizon Cyber Security Report, 85% of data breaches are caused by stolen credentials. 90% of cyber attacks are triggered from abroad and almost all of these attacks are coming from outside company premises. NoPassword is not a password manager since we don’t hide passwords behind a master password. NoPassword replaces passwords with biometrics and other frictionless hidden features and eliminates the need for users to manually enter sensitive credentials. By directly addressing the reasons behind cyber-attacks, NoPassword significantly improves cyber-security through eliminating the risk of stolen credentials, phishing, and social engineering. Privacy by design is an important and unique aspect of NoPassword solution, therefore we locally authenticate users and don’t store and share biometrics and other credentials.
Intuitive access management and geo-location security policies are adopted conveniently with just a few clicks through NoPassword admin portal and limits the access of unauthorized users from specific geo-locations. NoPassword solution offers both convenience and security, it doesn’t sacrifice one for the other. It is easy to use for both end-users and IT admins, while being the most secure authentication solution in the market.


Yaser Masoudnia CEO NoPassword WiActs
Bam Azizi CTO NoPassword WiActs

Yaser Masoudnia, PhD

Yaser is a serial entrepreneur who has a successful record working at startups and large companies. He holds an MBA and PhD from one the highest ranked European Business Schools. While he was working on his PhD, he worked at MIT as a research associate. He has extensive experience in turning a lab technology to a successful business. He is experienced in product development, business development, innovation management, strategic planning, and partnering with large corporations.

Bam Azizi, PhD Candidate

Bam is a PhD candidate in computer science from Technical University of Munich. He has more than 10 years of experience in software development and cryptography. He is an expert in cyber security, with advanced skills in leading-edge programming tools, complemented by the ability to rapidly utilize emerging technologies, and has proven success in system engineering and development. He has a strong background in cryptography and has executed several experiments as a white-hat hacker. He builds cool robots and gadgets in his spare time.

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