NoPassword™ Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication

Security solution that enhances user experience and privacy

True multi-factor authentication that doesn’t rely on passwords and 2 factor authentication. NoPassword™ gracefully leverages biometrics and then performs frictionless MFA to complete the authentication process.

Step 1: Biometric Authentication

NoPassword™ takes advantage of biometrics authentication without putting biometric information at risk.

Biometric authentication occurs locally on the user’s phone that means biometric information never leaves the user’s phone and is never stored on the authentication server.

With the NoPassword™ solution, your users gain the confidence of knowing they control and own their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and biometric authentication data.

  • fingerprint

  • face

  • iris

  • voice

Step 2: Hidden (Frictionless) Multi Factor Authentication

Once the biometric authentication is performed, NoPassword™ application extracts several hidden features from the user’s phone and uses the hidden features to complete the authentication process.

NoPassword™ MFA is primarily designed around Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and LTOTP. Extracting additional hidden features to perform frictionless multi-factor authentication makes the authentication process significantly more secure without compromising user experience.   

  • Geo-Location

  • Hidden Signature

  • PKI

Easy Integration

NoPassword™works with your existing infrastructure and enables you to deliver security and convenience to your user. No more password resets, no more complex password policies, and no more password rotations.

Intuitive on-boarding

Whether you use NoPassword™ Mobile App or NoPassword™ SDK in your existing Mobile native app, your users can on-board in as little as 15 second with our intuitive and self-explanatory process.

Convenient Account Recovery

Easy yet secure account recovery options are built into NoPassword™ solution, allowing the user who has lost their phone or temporary doesn’t have access to it to gain temporary access or register their new device.

Push Notification based outbound Authentication

User receives a push notification, before providing biometrics, on their phone every time there is an attempt on their behalf to access their account. This allows democratizing monitoring access management by your users. They can simply approve or reject a request with a tap on their phone.  

Multi-layer Security

Locally securing user sensitive information on their device, multi-layer encrypted communications between user device and authentication server, complex state-of-the-art key management are used to enhance the security of the authentication process without affecting user experience.

Intelligence Authentication

Artificial intelligence driven authentication process monitors user behavior and their environmental factors to detect any unusual activity and suspicious requests. NoPassword™ AI based authentication engine automatically blocks suspicious requests to avoid human error.   

No Centralized Credential and Biometrics

Decentralizing storage of sensitive information eliminates the risk of compromising large centralized databases of credentials, passwords, or biometrics. NoPassword™ does NOT store any biometrics nor PII in a centralized database.  

Eliminating manually entering credentials

Eliminating manually entering credentials automatically eliminates the possibility of phishing, social engineering, and key loggers attacks trying to extract user credentials.

Pushing Security and Authentication Boundaries

NoPassword™ strong authentication solution is FIDO UAF certified. However, we believe, while FIDO is an important step in the right direction, it does not provide the ultimate security required for today’s world. This is why NoPassword goes beyond FIDO requirements, adding multi-layers of encryptions, state-of-the-art key management, and hidden multi-factor authentications on top of FIDO requirements.

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Modernize enterprise workforce and consumer identity by substituting passwords with NoPassword Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication (H²MFA™).