Enhanced User Experience

NoPassword H²MFA significantly improves user experience and provides easy and fast login to accounts and applications.

Reduction in account reset request


Faster login on mobile application


Faster login on web comparing to entering a password and a second factor token


More login overall


NoPassword provides easy and fast access to your applications

87% user satisfaction when users don’t need to remember another password and your applications are not gated by a complex authentication process.


For Workforce

With NoPassword, workforce users don’t need to remember any more passwords or rotate passwords. This means no service interruption as a result of getting logged out or forgetting passwords. Users will access their accounts faster which will boost their productivity.  

The admins receive less password reset requests, hence reducing the IT overhead cost. Automated provisioning and deprovisioning, and integration with your SIEM solution helps save time and resources.

  • Less service interruption
  • Faster access to mobile and web application
  • Boost in productivity
  • Decrease in IT overhead cost

For Customers

When NoPassword is integrated into your mobile application, your users have significantly faster access to their mobile applications. They don’t have to deal with getting logged out and service interruptions as a result of forgotten password.

Less service interruption, faster access, and more login translate to an increase in revenue.  

  • Less service interruptions
  • Faster access to mobile and web applications
  • More logins and customer engagement
  • Increase in revenue

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Modernize enterprise workforce and consumer identity by substituting passwords with NoPassword Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication (H²MFA™).