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Password Hell NoPassword IAM

7 Ways NoPassword IAM Solution Helps Your Company Escape Password Hell

Whether you are part of the workforce, customer, IT admin or security team, we are all in a password hell and we all struggle to deal with a large number of work and personal accounts. Users deal with forgotten passwords, password resets, being locked out and complicated password policies. Studies show that 37% of people forget a password at least once a week. IT and security teams deal with frequent password requests, managing policies for various...

Password Myths

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5 Top Password Myths Debunked!

Here is what our typical day looks like online: checking twitter, facebook and email first thing in the morning, ordering coffee from the Starbucks app, getting an Uber, streaming music on a commute, accessing thousands of work accounts at work, online banking, online shopping, ordering food online, and finally streaming our favorite show at night. The overwhelming increase in mobility and number of applications and accounts, over time, have increased...

Yahoo Hack

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Convenience vs Security: The Trade-Off that Led to the Yahoo Hack

Last week, Yahoo was breached and the company confirmed that over 500 Million Yahoo users’ accounts had data stolen. “...hackers penetrated its network in late 2014 and stole personal data on more than 500 million users. The stolen data included names, email addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and encrypted passwords, Yahoo said.” Yahoo hack is the largest data breach in US history in terms of the number of users. According to the Business...

Dropbox hack

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4 Lessons Learned from Dropbox Hack

Breaches and compromises are occurring so often that we consumers are becoming apathetic and numb to the implications.  It is increasingly likely that our personal data, passwords, and other sensitive information have been leaked in one of the recent compromise of brand-name enterprises (T-mobile, Target, and recently, LinkedIn and Dropbox) and government agencies (IRS).  Many of us are simply hoping that luck prevails and that we aren’t personally...

Human Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s Time For Human Multi-Factor Authentication

Yesterday, LastPass made the news again as a result of possible password vulnerabilities after last year’s hack. Hackers were able to extract users’ passwords by providing a URL  similar to popular websites, such as Twitter and allowing LastPass to login users with their master passwords in the fake URLs. The question is should you be worried if you use LastPass? Yes and no. The bug was reported to LastPass, and to their credit, they were quick to...

Cyber Attacks Prevented NoPassword

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Top 10 Cyber Attacks that NoPassword Solution Could Have Prevented in 2015

Another day, another cyber attack! Attacks occur so frequently that they have almost become white noise in the media, often barely registering as significant with the public at large. But the severity of these hacks is only getting worse and few credible solutions are being developed. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, a huge majority of hacks exploited the same security weakness: passwords. If we look at a short history of...

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WiActs NoPassword Solution Featured on – Jan 23, 2016

Find the original Inc article here. Do you suffer from password rage? It is a condition that afflicts people who have too many passwords, frequently forget their login information, and succumb to a number of side effects, which include crying, screaming, and banging their heads on their desks. WiActs is a company based out of San Francisco, California, and they are trying to achieve 100% eradication of password rage in the near future. How? They're...

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