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questions to ask your IAM provide

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Lessons from the OneLogin Breach: Top 5 Questions to Ask Your IAM Provider

Last week, password manager and single sign-on provider, OneLogin, jolted the IT world when it revealed a breach. In the aftermath of this cyber attack, it is critical for IT decision-makers to understand what happened and the broader implications for cloud IAM providers.   The OneLogin Breach: What happened? OneLogin offers password management software that allows users to sign on to a variety of business applications with only one sign-on. The...

User Provisioning

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5 Best Practices for User Provisioning: Strengthen Your Enterprise Identity Management

User provisioning is an essential function of your IT department. Failure to implement best practices can result in a data breach. Follow these best practices for safe user provisioning: Limit administrative access All users in your enterprise network should not have administrative access. If every user is an administrator, then a threat actor need only gain access to one user’s access credentials in order to install a malicious program that will...

gartner summits 2016

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NoPassword Exhibiting at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2016

We are excited to announce that WiActs will be an exhibitor at the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, 14 - 15 March, 2016 in London. Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, 14 - 15 March, 2016 in London, is a unique experience to learn about cutting edge Identity and Access Management technology and solutions. It offers attendees a great opportunity to assess their existing Identity & Access Management (IAM) programs against...

Cyber Attacks Prevented NoPassword

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Top 10 Cyber Attacks that NoPassword Solution Could Have Prevented in 2015

Another day, another cyber attack! Attacks occur so frequently that they have almost become white noise in the media, often barely registering as significant with the public at large. But the severity of these hacks is only getting worse and few credible solutions are being developed. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, a huge majority of hacks exploited the same security weakness: passwords. If we look at a short history of...

Modern Identity Management

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Identity Management Solution for the Modern Workplace

The recent flood of data breaches in various companies emphasizes the importance of identity management. While weak password management and lost credentials are a significant part of these breaches, careless access management plays a large role as well. Nowadays, given that employees work with multiple devices, numerous SaaS apps, and accounts, it is becoming more and more difficult for IT admins to keep track of these devices and perform identity access...

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