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Cybersecurity trends 2018

Industry trends

Top 10 Cyber Security Trends of 2018

Last year, cybersecurity became the center of attention many times as a result of multiple massive and costly cyber attacks, such as the Equifax hack, which compromised the sensitive information of more than 143 Million customers. WannaCry attacks are other examples of attacks that targeted a number of industries and made companies reconsider their cybersecurity techniques. We can only expect more of the same this year, if not more, as big companies...

FaceID Future of MFA

Industry trends

FaceID and the Future of Frictionless Multi-Factor Authentication

Last week Apple announced the iPhone X has face recognition capability called Face ID as a method of unlocking phones instead of a passcode. This new feature has everyone talking about security and privacy of FaceID. Let’s start with the most talked about security and privacy concerns of Face ID: For typical individual users, the main security problem of Face ID is when their phone gets stolen. All of us have sensitive personal information such as...

Password Hell NoPassword IAM

7 Ways NoPassword IAM Solution Helps Your Company Escape Password Hell

Whether you are part of the workforce, customer, IT admin or security team, we are all in a password hell and we all struggle to deal with a large number of work and personal accounts. Users deal with forgotten passwords, password resets, being locked out and complicated password policies. Studies show that 37% of people forget a password at least once a week. IT and security teams deal with frequent password requests, managing policies for various...

NoPassword MFA

Say Hello to NoPassword Multi-factor Authentication Solution

We all know that passwords are inconvenient and unsecure.  In the past few weeks, there were many news stories of data breach and cyber-attacks reaching government websites to password managers such as Lastpass. It is time to move on from passwords and explore new methods of authentication. A safer method of is claimed to be the two- factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection other than passwords. Although safer, two-factor...

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