7 Ways NoPassword IAM Solution Helps Your Company Escape Password Hell

Whether you are part of the workforce, customer, IT admin or security team, we are all in a password hell and we all struggle to deal with a large number of work and personal accounts. Users deal with forgotten passwords, password resets, being locked out and complicated password policies. Studies show that 37% of people forget a password at least once a week. IT and security teams deal with frequent password requests, managing policies for various applications, security concerns resulting from user’s poor password management, and user provisioning and deprovisioning. Password reset request calls amount to 20%-30% of IT calls and almost 98% of hacks happen as a result of stolen passwords.

NoPassword helps both users and enterprises escape password hell once and for all. Here are 7 ways that NoPassword helps your company enter the gate of the password-free heaven.

  1. One Solution for All

    IT departments deal with the headache of managing numerous apps and accounts, and the password policies, requirements, and integrations are not similar for each of these accounts. In some cases, not all of the accounts are compatible with their existing Single Sign-on (SSO) solution.
    NoPassword IAM solution works with your web apps, SaaS apps, legacy apps, MDMs, and VPNs, even allows login to workstation without a password. NoPassword uses SAML, OAuth, WS- Federation, and Form-based integrations to offer password-free SSO for more than 4000 apps.

  2. Seamless Integration

    NoPassword is compatible with your current directory. Whether you are using Active Directory, LDAP, Radius, or Oracle Unified, for example, you can integrate it with only a few steps – no coding required. NoPassword Admin Dashboard offers a two-way, real-time sync between your existing directory and the NoPassword IAM. You can easily provision users through NoPassword dashboard or your main source of directory. Our support team helps your IT department through every step of the integration.

  3. NoPassword H2MFA (Human Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication) Integrates with your Existing SSO Solution

    While NoPassword offers a password-free SSO and identity management solution,  the NoPassword Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication integrates with your existing solution (i.e. Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, and Centrify), giving your workforce the luxury of a password-free SSO.

  4. There is no need for insecure and inconvenient second factor solutions

    In order to become more secure, companies are using second factors but no one seems to like them or use them effectively for that matter. One of the main problems with second factors, such as dongles and SmartCards, is that they are inconvenient. Users need to remember to carry them around and when users upgrade their devices, the old second factors aren’t always compatible with new devices. More importantly, security concerns around second factors, have alarmed enterprises, especially SMS based second factors which have been subject to data breaches. 
    Your workforce and customers already use their smart devices for everything else and chances are these devices are already in their reach. That is why NoPassword leverages users’ smartphones as the authenticator. Using the same smart device as an authenticator is both convenient and cost-effective. If your company’s BYOD policy limits workforce to use of their personal devices, talk to our sales team about our different options available to you.

  5. THE most secure solution

    Too many password managers and second-factor solutions in the market are claiming to be secure and then fail to stand up to their promises. The reality is that as long as authentication solutions rely on passwords to secure against cyber threats along with storing sensitive data such as passwords on a central database, they are vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is why cybersecurity experts believe that it is time to break free of passwords and find a better solution. NoPassword has been a leader in the true password-free movement.

  6. Privacy is our top priority

    Once a password is stolen, hackers use that password and then variations of it to access the user’s other accounts. Sometimes, a stolen password has led to a chain of hacks and information stolen from multiple companies such as the data breach examples of  LinkedIn and Dropbox. This is one of the reasons why NoPassword does not have a big valve of passwords. Stolen credentials are even more problematic if the biometrics information is stolen since biometrics are not replaceable. NoPassword is built to protect the privacy of users, therefore, personal information, including biometrics are never stored on our servers. Because user’s biometric information is stored on the user’s own device, user is in full control of their biometric information and is able to delete at any point. Authentication happens locally on user’s phone and biometric information doesn’t leave user’s phone.

  7. Authenticator that recognizes you

We live in the era of smart devices and we need a smart authentication system that replaces the old-fashion passwords of the past. We have to move on from something you know and something you have to a solution that simply recognizes you without the need of remembering and entering passwords and tokens manually. NoPassword Human and Hidden MFA simply recognizes users based on a human level – face, voice, fingerprint, iris, and behavior.


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