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We all know that passwords are inconvenient and unsecure.  In the past few weeks, there were many news stories of data breach and cyber-attacks reaching government websites to password managers such as Lastpass. It is time to move on from passwords and explore new methods of authentication. A safer method of is claimed to be the two- factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection other than passwords. Although safer, two-factor authentications are not convenient nor secure. Two factors are still built over password and suffer from the same vulnerabilities as passwords. You can read more about it in my previous blogpost: Say goodbye to weak two-factor authentication solutions.

NoPassword is THE Multi-Factor Authentication solution. NoPassword significantly enhances security and user experience by substituting passwords with an easy to use Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication, extracted from the user’s smartphone. These multi-factors features used to authenticate the user comprise of biometrics, proximity, location, and hidden features. Contact us to learn more about the hidden features.

NoPassword is as convenient as it is possible. The NoPassword App is all that users need to login securely to all their accounts. Using this solution, users do not need to remember any passwords or struggle with second-factor authentication methods. Logging into an account is as simple as confirming your identity on your smart device and the WiActs platform will do all the work behind the scene for you. Users will be able to use NoPassword on all their devices since it is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

NoPassword also understands customer’s concern regarding biometric privacy. That is why NoPassword is the first solution that enables users to get authenticated based on biometrics without placing their biometrics and sensitive information at risk. The user’s biometric information is encrypted and only stored on the user’s smartphone. No sensitive information such as fingerprints is transferred to or stored on the server.

In conclusion, NoPassword app takes authentication to the next level by improving security, user experience, and privacy. Are you ready to say goodbye to passwords and move on to NoPassword, the next generation of Multi-Factor Authentication?

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