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FaceID Future of MFA

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FaceID and the Future of Frictionless Multi-Factor Authentication

Last week Apple announced the iPhone X has face recognition capability called Face ID as a method of unlocking phones instead of a passcode. This new feature has everyone talking about security and privacy of FaceID. Let’s start with the most talked about security and privacy concerns of Face ID: For typical individual users, the main security problem of Face ID is when their phone gets stolen. All of us have sensitive personal information such as...

User Provisioning

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5 Best Practices for User Provisioning: Strengthen Your Enterprise Identity Management

User provisioning is an essential function of your IT department. Failure to implement best practices can result in a data breach. Follow these best practices for safe user provisioning: Limit administrative access All users in your enterprise network should not have administrative access. If every user is an administrator, then a threat actor need only gain access to one user’s access credentials in order to install a malicious program that will...

Password Hell NoPassword IAM

7 Ways NoPassword IAM Solution Helps Your Company Escape Password Hell

Whether you are part of the workforce, customer, IT admin or security team, we are all in a password hell and we all struggle to deal with a large number of work and personal accounts. Users deal with forgotten passwords, password resets, being locked out and complicated password policies. Studies show that 37% of people forget a password at least once a week. IT and security teams deal with frequent password requests, managing policies for various...

Human Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s Time For Human Multi-Factor Authentication

Yesterday, LastPass made the news again as a result of possible password vulnerabilities after last year’s hack. Hackers were able to extract users’ passwords by providing a URL  similar to popular websites, such as Twitter and allowing LastPass to login users with their master passwords in the fake URLs. The question is should you be worried if you use LastPass? Yes and no. The bug was reported to LastPass, and to their credit, they were quick to...

Single Sign On Security

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NoPassword Single Sign-On: How to Boost Security and Convenience!

Nowadays, employees work with multiple devices, dozens of SaaS apps, web apps and other accounts, that are secured by different sets of credentials. As a result, the job of IT admin becomes more and more difficult. IT admins have to regularly setup and manage employee accounts, frequently reset employee passwords, and suspend accounts of those who leave the company. A number of single sign-on and identity management solutions - such as Okta, Onelogin,...

NoPassword SSO

How will NoPassword SSO solution help your company?

As explained in the previous blog post, employees’ negligence and weak password management are the main reasons behind data breaches. It becomes the company’s responsibility to adopt security mechanisms in order to protect them from cyber threats. One of the solutions to improve the data security of enterprises is Single Sign-On (SSO), which uses one master password for multiple apps and accounts. SSO reduces the headache of dealing with multiple...

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Weak Password Management

Industry trends

Employee’s weak password management is the main cause of cyber attacks

You may have heard that humans are the weakest link in cyber-security. Most data breaches happen as a result of weak password management. And yet, there is no solution for companies but to trust employees with their sensitive information. There are three reasons that employees fail in cyber-security: Lack of Knowledge: Not all employees are trained in cyber-security. Most companies don’t train all their employees and if they educate them, their training...

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