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GDPR Compliance Password Authentication

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Don’t Let Static Passwords Undermine your GDPR Compliance

­­­Regardless of geography, if your organization collects and stores personal data regarding EU citizens, then the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. And the upcoming May 25 milestone marks more of a beginning than an end. May 25 only marks the beginning of enforcement, but the requirements laid out in GDPR will be ongoing. Some key requirements of GDPR include “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default”. These principles require...

Cybersecurity trends 2018

Industry trends

Top 10 Cyber Security Trends of 2018

Last year, cybersecurity became the center of attention many times as a result of multiple massive and costly cyber attacks, such as the Equifax hack, which compromised the sensitive information of more than 143 Million customers. WannaCry attacks are other examples of attacks that targeted a number of industries and made companies reconsider their cybersecurity techniques. We can only expect more of the same this year, if not more, as big companies...

Wi-Fi Vulnerability

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Everything You Need to Know about Wi-Fi Vulnerability

Discerning tech users have long recognized the risks associated with using public Wi-Fi networks at the airport or local coffee shop. But new research reveals that the Wi-Fi security problem goes well beyond suspicious public networks. There is a vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption protocol—used by virtually every wireless-connected device on the planet—that can be exploited. Researchers have dubbed the vulnerability KRACK, standing for Key...

FaceID Future of MFA

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FaceID and the Future of Frictionless Multi-Factor Authentication

Last week Apple announced the iPhone X has face recognition capability called Face ID as a method of unlocking phones instead of a passcode. This new feature has everyone talking about security and privacy of FaceID. Let’s start with the most talked about security and privacy concerns of Face ID: For typical individual users, the main security problem of Face ID is when their phone gets stolen. All of us have sensitive personal information such as...

Equifax Hack

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Data Minimization: The Main Lesson from the Equifax Hack

Equifax, the credit reporting company, announced on Sept 7th that hackers gained access to more than 143 million customers’ information, including names, date of births, social security numbers, addresses, and driver’s license information. Consequently, hackers have access to all the information necessary for identity theft and fraudulent transactions. This hack will cost Equifax customers and its stockholders not only a significant monetary loss but time...

Zero Trust Model

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Zero Trust Model: How to Prevent Data Breaches

Despite the massive investments poured into cybersecurity, data breaches keep happening. 15% of companies globally stated that sensitive data was probably breached in 2016, and that’s probably an underestimate. Many companies are unwilling to publicly acknowledge data breaches—or may not even be aware of one when it occurs. There are many causes for the surge in data breaches, but many common cybersecurity problems come down to this: The old paradigm of...

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Industry trends

Everything You Need to Know About HIPPA

The healthcare sector is now one of the top targets of cyber threat actors. Accerture estimates that the costs of cyber attacks on U.S. hospitals will total $305 billion between 2015 and 2020, with roughly 25 million people having their healthcare records compromised. Healthcare records are more valuable than Social Security numbers alone. While a Social Security number goes for around $15 on the dark web, a full medical record will cost at least $60....

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