NoPassword™ Authentication

Modern authentication must improve security and privacy while enhancing user experience. NoPassword authentication is a comprehensive solution that combines a number of active and passive factors on top of biometrics to deliver security and convenience.

NoPassword Modern Authentication Embraces


  • Biometric Authentication
  • Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Device Authentication and Health monitoring
  • Adaptive and Contextual Authentication
  • Behavioural and Continuous Authentication
  • Risk based granular access control

Local Biometric Authentication

NoPassword leverages a wide range of biometric authentication on devices such as Apple Touch ID, Pixel fingerprint, and Samsung fingerprint and Iris, Fujitsu Iris devices, including, Windows Hello, and NoPassword Face and Voice recognition.

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  • Fingerprint
  • Voice
  • Face
  • Pattern
  • Iris
  • Next Innovation

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Integrated Biometrics

Hidden Multi Factor Authentication

Once the user is authenticated on their device based on their biometrics, NoPassword extracts several elements from the phone to perform hidden (frictionless) multi-factor authentication.

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Device Authentication and health monitoring

Monitoring device health and device authentication is an important part of NoPassword authentication. It’s critical to make sure that the phone is healthy, not jailbroken or rooted, and is not compromised by malwares or viruses.

Contextual and Adaptive Authentication

Contextual and adaptive authentication looks at user’s previous sessions and compares it with the current session to determine the validity and access range of the user. The in-house developed, patent pending deep learning algorithm considers a wide range of environmental and device characteristics factors to perform adaptive and contextual authentication.

Behavioural and Continuous Authentication

User behaviors are unique to individuals. How we hold our phone, how we touch the screen, swipe, type, move the mouse, use the keyboard, walk, and interact with our desktop, laptop, tablet and phone are all unique.

NoPassword Artificial Intelligence continuously authenticates the user after initial biometric authentication.

Risk based granular access control

NoPassword access control support NoPassword authentication technique.

Based on changes in the user behaviour, contextual and environmental factors, NoPassword evaluates the level of risk and granularly adjust user level of access and may force a new human (biometric) or hidden multi-factor authentication.

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